Couple’s Workouts

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Chocolate and flowers are lovely, but if you’re looking to switch up this year’s routine (or add to it!), why not give the gift of health, encouragement, and quality time?

Working out together can do all of these things for you!  It not only shakes up your routine of watching Netflix on the couch but provides these other benefits:

  • Bonding!  Exercising together lets you have face-to-face interaction and allows you to still get a workout in without sacrificing “us” time.
  • Support!  Encouraging one another is so important!  You’re not just cheering them on as they finish their set, you’re cheering them on as they reach a new goal and a new level of fitness and health.

Here is a couple’s workout you can do today.  It’s fun to do with your date, but they’re also fun to do with your friends!

Here’s a total body workout you two can do right now.

Couples Workout

-What are your favorite couple’s workouts (whether it’s a date or a friend)?  

Let me know! Tell us here and on social media with #fsCouples!  Use the same hashtag to send us pictures of y’all working out this weekend!

Have a great day,

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