20 Last-Minute Gifts Under $20 for Everyone on Your List

We’re a week and a half away from Christmas and in the thick of Hanukkah, so here are some last-minute gifts that you can get quickly!

I’ve included options that are gender-neutral, for her, for him, and for kids. Let me know your favorite!

One Line a Day: 5 Year Memory Book
I received this as a gift right before I had my first child. It’s practically my baby book. I can commit to one line a day! Though, I’m kicking myself for not keeping up with it much in 2020 – but if I had, I would’ve been able to look back at 365 bright spots in this year :). Kids say and do cute things and good things happen even in a pandemic.

I’m linking the cheapest option here, which is “for moms”, but here are some other ones. I personally have the blue one, which is one of my favorite colors, and would apply to anybody.

I see they now make ones called “my boy“, “my daughter“, and “my baby” which melts my heart. Perfect for any parent! The general one works wonderfully for anybody in your life.

Phone Stand
This was also received as a gift! And from the same gifter above (she really gives the best gifts). I didn’t know I needed this in my life until I had it. It’s insanely convenient and they make an iPad version, too!

I use it when I want to prop my phone up while getting ready or cooking. When I received it, I was a mom to a newborn and my hands were always full. I’d want to watch a YouTube on my phone or FaceTime, or even just see my phone to know what time it was. Couldn’t do that with my hands full. But the phone stand sat right next to me and it really improved my life! 10/10 would give this as a gift.

Waffle Maker
People rave about these! It has over 98,000 reviews on Amazon! What?! I think this would be very handy with kids. Have you ever tried pancake batter with spinach? You could use the same batter here.

2 eggs + 1 banana + handful of spinach in a blender = batter

Extra Wide Straws
We have a lot of smoothies in this house and skinnier straws are a pain to clean. I have these on my wishlist!

Portable Charger
PSA. I think everyone needs a portable charger just to be safe. Like, actually safe, not just “now I can’t check Instagram because my phone is out of juice.” Once, a checkup with my baby ended up in a hospital visit (everything ended up being fine), but I almost couldn’t call my husband and give him the scoop. Surely in that situation, someone could’ve let me call him, but you get my point, I’m sure. Just one of those things that’s handy to keep in your diaper bag, stroller, purse, etc. and is great while traveling!

Portable Speaker
Another portable! I can think of many places to use this, but its small size makes it easy to just take it anywhere. If you have kids, I envision strapping it to the side of the stroller on walks or attaching it to a bike. Seems like fun!

Meat Thermometer
My mother, a fabulous cook, said a meat thermometer as “made her a better cook.” If it can improve her already delicious cooking, then I want it in my life. We both have a different one, but this looks like a more affordable option that’d get the job done. I’ve committed to memory that 165*F is the safe temperature for chicken and turkey.

Egg Cooker
My friend has sworn by hers for years. Clearly, I’m all about kitchen time savers as you may have gathered from this post.

Contigo Mug
This baby has been with us for a long time. Important info: get the stainless steel one instead of a colored one because we found that the colors will chip off. But the stainless steel one might survive the Apocalypse and that’s the kind of certainty we need right now.
Oh, also, maybe most important: it does not leak or spill!!!
I used this as my primary coffee mug with newborns and honestly still should since moms hardly ever enjoy coffee while it’s hot.

On The Go Old Fashioned Kit
I know several people I could give this to! What a cool idea!

Pocket Monkey
Ugh, guys are so hard to shop for. That’s why this is often my go-to. It’s the size of a credit card, more or less, and fits in a wallet. I’ve had a good track record with it, so I do recommend it.

Wine Opener
I have a different brand, but electric wine openers are quite handy.

Grow Your Own Salsa
How cool is this? This would be great for an apartment or a dorm. Could go very well with my cookbook, Cooking Without a Kitchen.

This looks fun for all ages, honestly. You sync it up to just about anything and sing! The funniest thing about this, to me, is that I once read a review that said the buyer spent the better part of her afternoon singing to her husband and making unnecessary announcements. I’m envisioning syncing this up to tell a WFH husband “clean up on aisle 3” or that the baby needs a new diaper.

Art Mat
We have one of these and it’s a fun, mess-free, screen-free activity!

Bubble Machine
I have yet to meet a small child who wouldn’t love a bubble machine!

Pogo Stick
I’d love this if I were a kid! Go on and get that energy out!

Crayon Rocks
This seems like a good idea for little ones who might have trouble grasping a crayon.

Gem Dig Kit
Perfect indoor or outdoor activity!

Chain Reaction Lego
For the little engineer in your life. Great STEM activity!