My Favorite Diaper Bags

I’ve been through a few diaper bags and they each left me wishing there was some hybrid of them to make the perfect bag. I’d want the pockets of this one, the insulated pockets of the other, and all in a size that worked for me, etc.

Both of my bags from Sleepy Panda have met and exceeded my expectations!

I have a video review on each of them, and I will include those videos and give you the scoop here in this blog post.

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By the way, I will use these bags as travel bags when they’re finished being diaper bags. They’re that good.

We’ll Go Over:
-The features of the two bags
-A comparison of the two

I have two bags from them and I use both depending on the situation.

Bailey Bag

I’ll begin with this bag because it’s the one I grab most often. That isn’t a knock on the Kaitlyn bag, it’s merely due to the size. The Bailey bag is a more manageable size for everyday outings for me. However, it can still carry a LOT! I always have leftover room, which is important to me because it’s easier to find things when the bag isn’t crammed full of things.

The features of it are just…ah…so exciting to me!


  • Vegan leather
  • “Feet” on the bottom so your bag isn’t getting gross when you set it down
  • USB charging hub. I use it with this small charger. I once at an unexpected hospital visit with my baby needing to call my husband and my phone was almost dead. That is my PSA to have a charger with you.
  • The changing pad is thin. Most bags’ changing pads are thick and take up too much room in the bag.
  • Insulated pockets on both sides! And they fit BIG bottles. Previous bags wouldn’t hold the bottles I liked to carry. So smart.
  • A phone pocket! Because your drink pockets will likely be filled with drinks for you or your children, you now have a designated pocket holder.
  • Wipeable exterior (they call it a “grime shield”) and let’s be real, we have kids. So, that’s needed.
  • THE BOTTLE HOLDER! It’s insulated. Holds Dr. Brown’s bottles perfectly. Also holds a typical water bottle. You could use this while traveling or hiking long after its job as a bottle holder is done!
  • Pocket placement makes sense to me because I can get to everything easily without taking the bag off of my back
  • Zipper closures and magnetic. Nice for when you need to quickly grab something
  • Padded laptop pocket
  • Can be a backpack or crossbody or handled bag
  • Has strong stroller straps
  • It’s strong. I’ve had bag handles fall off and fray, but this baby is holding up beautifully

The Kaitlyn Bag
is the bigger option and is great for bigger outings and/or multiple children. I have used this as a carry-on on an airplane.


ALL of the same as the Bailey bag PLUS:

  • An included purse so you could just keep your essentials (wallet, keys, phone, chapstick) and then just grab that if you don’t want to carry the whole bag, OR, if dropping your kids off at Grandma’s for babysitting, you could just leave the bag with her and take the purse.
  • Anti-theft pocket
  • Enormous insulated pockets on both size that’ll hold big cups (Thermoses, Tervis Tumblers, etc.).
  • Wipeable changing pad
  • “Grime shield” aka wipeable exterior, which is also on the changing pad.
  • Insulated bottle holder (holds very large bottles like Thermos and Tervis Tumbler)
  • An included wet/dry bag. Why doesn’t every bag have one of these?!
  • Very breathable, padded, comfortable straps
  • “Feet” on the bottom so your bag isn’t getting gross when you set it down.
  • Bigger size. Great for large trips, overnight, carry-on on planes.
  • USB charging hub (use with this).

    Now, let’s compare!
Feet on bottomxx
Wipeable exteriorxx
Wipeable changing padxx
Insulated pocketsxx
Wet/Dry bagx
USB port & phone pocketxx
Anti-theft pocketxx
Insulated bottle/water bottle pouchxx
Included pursex
Zippers and extra magnetic closuresxx
Padded laptop pocketxx
Comes in different colorsxx
Reinforced stroller strapsxx
Ability to be a crossbodyx
Sensible pocket placementsxx
Guys won’t mind carrying themxx
Strong handle on topxx

Clearly, their features are similar.
I’ve had such good experiences with both bags and do use them depending on the situation that the choice is up to you!

I’m not sure you could go wrong, especially because these can last you for a long time and can be used as general backpacks, overnight bags, and carry-on bags in the future!

Which is your favorite?

Don’t forget to use the code FITSTYLED10 on your order!