How to Become a Morning Exerciser

In our last post and video, we told you how to become a morning PERSON.  This time, we’re going to focus on the specifics of being a morning EXERCISER.

Below are 8 tips on how to wake up and hit the ground running.

1.  Plan and Prepare

It’s not enough to say “I’m going to work out in the morning.”  You’ll need to plan what your workout will actually consist of!  We like planning our meals AND our workouts on Sundays!

Layout your workout clothes, sneakers, iPod, headphones, hair ties, and anything else you might need to streamline your morning and get you out the door fast!  Want to see what’s in our gym bag?

2.  Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Like we said in our last video, eliminate distractions – especially technological ones – before bed.  Set your phone aside and fall asleep.

3.  Water First Thing in the Morning, Followed By Exercise

Hold off on your coffee!  Your body has just been without water for (hopefully) about 8 hours.  Have a cup of hot water with lemon and drink your coffee after your butt-kicking workout that you already have planned :)!

4.  You Don’t Have to Leave Your House

Know that you can stay inside to do your workout!  You don’t have to go to the gym or run around outside.  Check out my pre-made, yet customizable, 12-week workout plan on Amazon that can be done anywhere, anytime.  Additionally, I offer virtual personal training at

5.  Make the Most of Your Time

Anyone who has done high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts knows that it doesn’t take a lot of time to burn a ton of calories!  Try this HIIT workout in your living room!  If you need to HIIT it harder (ohhh ho ho), pair it with this follow-along workout.

6.  Sneak In Workouts

The exercise doesn’t have to end when the workout does!  Have some coffee brewing?  Let’s do some calf raises!  Brushing your teeth?  Do some squats!  Little movements can lead to big changes 🙂

7.  Make it FUN

If that new workout top is going to inspire you to work out the way it does for me, then put it on!  Make a playlist (in advance) with your favorite music. If you just feel like dancing for your cardio, then by all means!

 8.  Something Is Better Than Nothing

Always remember this!  Maybe on some mornings, intense isn’t going to happen.  Try some light yoga instead!  The point is to get your body up and moving.

Getting up and exercising in the morning can give you more energy and make you more productive throughout the day.  When you get into this habit, it’ll be like Newton’s First Law of Motion  – an object in motion stays in motion.  That object is YOU, so get moving and you’ll be going strong all day long!

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